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Helpful Articles and Hints to help you with your new Kitty.

Introducing a Cat to a New Home

Before introducing your foster cat/kitten to your own cat(s) or kitten(s), consider the risks mentioned previously. If your foster cat has Upper Respiratory Infection (URI), the rescue recommends that you separate your foster cat from your own cat(s) until it is no longer contagious.

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Introducing a Cat to a Resident Dog

You will need to have your dog under control when interacting with a new cat so he can learn which behaviors are appropriate and which ones are not. It is generally easier to introduce a kitten to a dog, but it isn’t necessary for a harmonious relationship.

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Bringing Kitty Home

An answer guide to your most purr-plexing kitty questions… We adopted a cat today. How do we help him/her adjust to our family?

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