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Helpful Articles and Hints to help you with your new Dog.

Bringing Doggie Home

If you already have a pet or pets as part of your household, it’s important to know the best way to introduce your new canine to his housemates. When it’s time for your new dog or puppy to meet your current dog or cat, make sure you closely supervise the big event.

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Introducting a New Dog To Resident Dog

Introduce your dog/puppy to your own dogs on neutral territory (not in your home or your yard).
Have a friend (preferably not a family member, since dogs can be territorial of family members) take your foster dog on a leash and you take your dog/puppy on a leash and walk side by side on neutral territory. Let them sniff one another, while you hold the leash, so that you can get control of either dog quickly.

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Introducing a Dog to a Resident Cat

When introducing your foster dog/puppy to a resident cat it is important that your foster dog/puppy knows basic obedience.
(So wait a couple of days—until you’ve started some basic training and formed an understanding with your foster dog/puppy—to introduce it to your resident cat.) Let your foster dog/puppy settle down and get to know you and its surroundings first before you start introductions to small, furry creatures. Keep your cat in a special room. You will need to have your foster dog/puppy under control when interacting with your resident cat so it can learn which behaviors are appropriate and which ones are not.

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