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Introducting a New Dog To Resident Dog

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Introduce your dog/puppy to your own dogs on neutral territory (not in your home or your yard).
Have a friend (preferably not a family member, since dogs can be territorial of family members) take your foster dog on a leash and you take your dog/puppy on a leash and walk side by side on neutral territory. Let them sniff one another, while you hold the leash, so that you can get control of either dog quickly.

Talk normally to your friend—letting the dogs know that you are fine,
they are
fine, and everything is fine! Walk around a couple of blocks. When they have become friends, then you can go back home. Be aware that your home is considered by your family dogs as their “turf,” and that they are not always so eager to welcome strangers—especially strange dogs. So be alert and make the introductions gradually and calmly.

You may want to leave leashes on the dogs so that you can get immediate control.
Be sure to give your own dog LOTS of love and praise. Do not over-stimulate your foster dog/puppy with introductions to many people or your neighbors’ dogs, and do not bring it into a busy pet store for a treat, and don’t take it to an off-leash area immediately. If your foster dog/puppy has excess energy and needs exercise, take it on a long, leashed walk or a run!

Remember that your dog/puppy has perhaps been through a stressful surgery, abusive situation, or maybe just a lot of recent changes. Go slowly with your dog/puppy. Give it a chance to adjust and begin to build its confidence. Make your home a sanctuary for it so that it can begin healing.