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Hospice Program

Senior Dog

Many times we see so many sad cases on the local euthanasia lists.

However, as full time fosters we are rarely able to help the saddest cases. Ones that touch our hearts can become hospice animals. We know they can live a bit longer with a little bit of vetting and comfort. At any given time we have 3 to 7 hospice cases in the rescue.

We do not ask for monetary assistance for these animals, but we definitely appreciate this when it happens. All hospice cases come from euthanasia lists. We do not take them in from the public.

If you are interested in helping us with our hospice ward please contact us. We will provide everything you need to make the animal comfortable: vetting, medication and training. You provide the love.

This is an extremely challenging program for the rescue and the only thing we actually get from it is the knowledge that we were able to provide love and comfort while an animal was passing. Just another way we try to show our “Compassion In Action.”

Unfortunately, we do not intake animals for hospice care from the public. The emotional commitment is quite high so we can only do this as fosters become available. Please consider supporting us in this program by making a donation.

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