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Pet Dander Allergies

What are dog or cat dander allergies?

Dander is dead skin that dogs, cats and other animals shed. It is a very common allergy for many people.


What are the symptoms of dog or pet dander allergies?
Common allergic reactions include itching, swelling, stuffy & runny nose and inflamed eyes. It’s common to get itchy eyes after petting an animal. Highly sensitive people can begin coughing, wheezing and having shortness of breath. some highly sensitive individuals may also get an intense rash on the face, neck and upper chest.
How you can help prevent pet dander in your home:

  • Be sure to vacuum as much as possible and steam clean fabrics such as curtains, bedding, etc
  • Get an air purifier with HEPA-grade filters for rooms that you spend a lot of time in
  • Keep cats or dogs away from the bedroom of those who are allergic
  • Be sure to give you cat or dog frequent baths to reduce pet dander


Don’t worry, pet adoption can still be an option even if you are living with pet dander allergies.

  1. Use preventative medicines.
  2. Go slow to determine just how allergic you are. Once this has been determined you can slowly increase your amount of exposure.
  3. Seriously consider a female or neutered male for your pet since females and male pets that have been neutered sebaceous glands are less active.
  4. Remember the smaller your pet is the fewer allergens you pet will carry.
  5. Certain breeds tend to set off allergies more than others. Look around for pets that you are less sensitive to.
  6. Certain breeds have fewer allergic reactions than others. Search online to find out about various hypoallergenic breeds.
  7. For many, increasing your exposure over time can lead to lessening the allergic response.