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Our goal at All About Animals Rescue is to keep your pet safe, healthy and in their home. We hope these resources assist you. Please contact us if you have ideas on other areas that we should post.

Special Needs Animals

First of all we should define “special needs”. The reality is that all animals need special care and love. Special needs pets often require a little extra time and energy, especially as the pet gets older and the disabilities increasingly become worse. These animals take a certain commitment, especially financially, as they will often need much follow up care.

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Financial Assistance

Looking for help with your Vet Bill? We have a list of organizations that provide financial assistance.

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Found Kittens

If you find newborn baby kittens, please resist the urge to pick them up and bring them in, unless they’re in imminent danger (rising flood waters, etc.). They are probably not abandoned or orphaned.

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