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Special Needs Animals

What does it mean to adopt a special needs animal?

First of all we should define “special needs”. The reality is that all animals need special care and love. Special needs pets often require a little extra time and energy, especially as the pet gets older and the disabilities increasingly become worse. These animals take a certain commitment, especially financially, as they will often need much follow up care.

Typically a cat or dog with special needs:

  • Has a physical disability
  • Has a chronic or terminal illness
  • Is recovering from a serious injury
  • Is elderly and/or requires hospice care at home
  • Has emotional and/or behavioral problems

The above list is certainly not a comprehensive list of issues and diseases but gives you an idea of what one can expect.

Information regarding special needs cats and dogs from All About Animals are in their memos. Feel free to contact us to discuss the issues further and see if you and the animal are a match.

Whatever the special need of the animal, if you adopt from All About Animals we will always be here to support you by providing advice and guidance.

Providing a loving forever home for a special needs animal is so rewarding. Your support is ultimately helping All About Animals save the lives of more dogs and cats.