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Special Programs


All About Animals Rescue is proud to offer some innovative programs to help our little ones, and you help the wonderful families willing to open their homes.



Lease for Life

Supporting the Animal and the Adopter. The Lease for Life Adoption Program helps support special needs animals and their adopters.

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Hospice Program

Many time we see so many sad cases on the local euthanasia lists. However with full time fosters we are rarely able to help the saddest cases. Ones that touch our hearts are hospice animals.

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Maternity Ward

Both cats and dogs that are pregnant or have babies will be eligible for care in our Maternity Ward. We will also take in orphaned puppies and kittens

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Breeder Assistance Program

Our rescue works with some CFA and TICA breeders. If you would like a referral to a breeder we can more than likely provide one

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Special Adoption Programs


Barn Cats

Sometimes cats who cannot live as house pets. Cats in the barn cat program, are cats who are shy/fearful of people, and prefer the company of other cats and animals.

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AAA-Choo Kitties

Simply put, they have chronic allergies, drippy noses & blocked tear ducts. Just like all of our animals, they are up-to-date with vaccinations, altered, microchipped, the works… Read More



Companion Cats

Sometimes we get indoor cats that really are not interested in human companionship. However, they love other cats or dogs. These cats will be available for adoption at no charge with a paid adoption fee of another kitty.